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Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the Nova Scotia 55+ Game Rules. We have decided to adopt the revised version of the Canada 55+ rules and the reason is that when someone competes in our provincial games and they decide to attend the Canada games representing Nova Scotia they compete using the same rules.

For full copies of our Game Rules please see the .pdf below.



1. Eligibility: residency

  • All competitors must be residents of the region of Nova Scotia they are representing and must adhere to regional selection criteria.
  • All competitors must be Canadian citizens, or have landed immigrant status, at the time of their selection at the regional level for the Nova Scotia Senior Games.

2. Eligibility: age categories

  • Competitors must be at least 55 years of age (by December 31) in the year of the Nova Scotia Senior Games.
  • Competitors may compete in more than one event as long as they don’t conflict with each other.
  • Competitors may compete in a lower age category than their actual age, but cannot compete in a higher age category
  • In the case of team events, the age of the youngest team member will determine the age category they, as a team, are eligible for.

3. Registration

  • All competitors must complete, in full, the registration and medical waiver forms and submit them with the required registration fees to their Regional Team Manager by the agreed deadline.
  • Confidential medical information may be sealed in an envelope, marked “To be opened ONLY in an Emergency by the Medical Personnel,” and submitted with the medical form.

4. Substitution

  • Substitutions will only be allowed prior to the commencement of the first game in each event. The Host Committee must be informed as soon as possible of any substitutions made between the time the original registration forms were submitted and the start of the Games.
  • Extraordinary circumstances occurring during competition involving inability to compete will be considered on an individual basis at the Games by the Host Committees Games Jury.

5. Transportation to host city

  • Transportation to the host city is normally the responsibility of the individual or region from which the competitors and non-competitors are traveling. The Nova Scotia 55+ Games Society is willing to assist regions in organizing team buses to get to the Games. If so interested, please contact your Regional representative.

6. Team identification

  • Each competitor will receive a nametag at the registration desk that will also indicate which region they are representing.
  • Regions are encouraged to outfit their players with a team shirt.

7. Smoking policy
All indoor venues at the Nova Scotia Senior Games events will be smoke free in the specific area of play.



1. Defaults

  • Competitors must be at their event site and ready to compete at least 15 minutes prior to the competition start time.
  • The exact rules concerning default procedures for each event are outlined in the individual event technical packages and are in accordance with the rules of the specific event.

2. Protests

  • The exact procedures to be followed in the event of the disputed eligibility of a competitor, or a rules-related dispute during competition, will be detailed in the technical package of each event and will be in accordance with the standard practices of that event. In general, a protest should be verbally indicated at the time of occurrence then followed immediately after the event by a formal written protest submitted to the appropriate Games Jury.

3. Games Jury

  • The Games Jury will make decisions on matters involving competitor eligibility. It shall be composed of a Games Events coordinator, the Director of the event involved, and a non-partisan Host Committee designate.
  • The Event Jury will rule on technical, rules-related disputes. It shall be composed of a Games Events Coordinator, the Director of the event involved, and a non-partisan Host Committee designate.
  • Only written protests will be considered and the decisions of the Protest Jury are final.

4. Scoring and results

  • Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded for all events. A medal count will be posted on a daily basis.


Rules are made to be followed by all players to make games happen. But often there are unwritten “rules” or courtesies which will make the game much better with fewer problems for all. Whether the game is a friendly recreational event among friends or part of an important tournament, participants should practice good sportsmanship and respect for their competitors.

Card Games – Common to all card games, there are a few courtesies:

  1. One does not pick up a dealt hand and say “That’s a poor deal.” or “You’re a bad dealer.”
  2. One does not pick up cards as they are dealt. More misdeals are caused by hands moving on the table than any other cause.
  3. Cards are cut by the player on the right before each deal. Cribbage, by practice, has only the cut to determine the dealer. The bottom card, or the one above the required turnover, is never exposed or looked at.
  4. Lead-directing comments or gestures are not good card manners.
  5. No rulebook allows the throwing in of hands with “No Ace, No Face.”
  6. Adequate time must be allowed to the opposition to see a trick or hand before it is placed away.

Note: Some localities have “house” rules and games, which are played by their own standards. We do not wish to interfere with these “house” situations but encourage all participants to practice the above-listed courtesies, as well as the rules that have been set up for these games. We apologize in advance if our rules differ from any ‘house rules’ you may be used to, but we have attempted in all cases to keep the rules as pure and simple to the rules as laid down by their creator. Amen!

Floor, court or ice games

  1. Lines “thou shall not step over” exist to place all players on an even footing. We may not have enough line judges to watch each play.
  2. Rules of the games indicate who is to lead, mark the score, and where players should move to their next turn. It is improper to make comments or loud noises when others play.
  3. Shake hands before the game commences, and at the conclusion of the game. The main goal of these games is to meet and make new friends.
  4. Leave judging and score marking to the proper persons.

Other games

Rules for many of the activities that Older Adults play (Swimming, Tennis, Slo-Pitch, Badminton, etc.) are contained in rulebooks written by Provincial/Territorial, National or International governing bodies. These rules are often referred to but any adaptations to these rules will be listed in the rules for each individual activity.


Avoid the use of strong perfumes, colognes or shaving lotion to prevent an opponent sneezing, being choked up or coughing at the wrong time.